Resolutions of the Libyan National People’s Movement

The Media Committee of the Libyan National People’s Movement
1 June 2013

The Resolutions of the Libyan National People’s Movement: its Principles, Objectives,
Orientations and Mechanisms; and the Determination of its Organizational Structure
and Selection of its Leadership
In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate
− Proceeding from the moral, domestic and national duty; and in defense of the freedom
of the Libyan people, their dignity and identity, as well as the independence of Libya,
its unity and Sovereignty.
− In rejection of foreign interference in the Libyan affairs;
− In order to preserve Libya from fragmentation, impoverishment and civil war; and to
and being keen to restore stability, maintain the achievements of our people and resume
their march towards progress;
− In order to preserve our dear Libyan blood;
− Sensing the depth of the tragedy experienced by our people, and in order to see to the
rights of the martyrs, victims, prisoners, detainees, the displaced, the refugees, the
dislodged, the marginalized and the oppressed;
− In loyalty to the precious sacrifices made by the Libyan people in defense of the
freedom of the homeland, the future of the nation and the message of Islam;
− In order to achieve justice, freedom, and commitment to the principles of equality and
human rights for all Libyans in general and especially for the internally dislodged, the
displaced abroad and the detainees who suffer the scourge of torture in the militias’
public and secret detention centers;
− In confirmation of the political and social ferment committed to the traditions of loyalty
and, democracy and its inherent values;
− In order to expose attempts to parade the militia-based regime in Libya and introduce it
as a democratic system;
− In contribution to the efforts of the faithful among the international community calling
for dialogue and stability and supportive of the efforts towards national peace, which is
part of regional and global peace; and in order to reduce the consequences of turning
our country into a failed state that poses a threat to the security and stability of the
neighboring countries and the region, while adhering to the principle of independence
and rejection of domination and foreign intervention;
− Guided by the traditions of peaceful political struggle, and the history of domestic,
national and global struggle of the Libyan people and their Jihad against the Italian
fascist invasion; in loyalty to the precious sacrifices of the Libyans for the freedom of
the homeland, its dignity and its sovereignty; and inspired by the domestic, national and
global struggle of al-Fateh Revolution of September 1969;
− In order to dispel discord, disintegration and individual action in our endeavor to save
our homeland.
− Confirming the need to channel the creative energies of the Libyans towards the unity
of the country, its security and independence; and in order to preserve its role in
achieving and safeguarding regional and international peace and security;
The Libyan National People’s Movement (LNPM) held its founding conference in the
Diaspora in contact with its components inside the country. After conducting public
meetings and specialized seminars, with the contribution of hundreds of political figures,
leadership of active Libyan social groups, incorporating people from different segments
from all over the country; and in an atmosphere of free, democratic, responsible and
conscious discussion the conference adopted a series of resolutions, which was issued in a
statement that we summarize in the following:
The Libyan People’s National Movement is founded on the following bases:
− Consolidation of true democratic values, where the people possess sovereignty, without
confiscation of their will by any means, including terrorism, deception, political fraud
and foreign dependency. The goal is to attain a system of governance through the
authentic democracy approach, which is acceptable and agreeable to all Libyans.
− Commitment to human rights, individual and public freedoms and the values of
citizenship; and opening up to plurality of opinions.
− Belief that the homeland is for all and can accommodate all without marginalization,
nor exclusion, nor deposition, nor distrust, nor intimidation nor deception. It is a
homeland where no individual, group, bloc, party or tribe may practice control on other
components of the society.
− Refusal of the state of fragmentation imposed by the foreign intervention forces and
internal dissention; and working to restore Libya free and unified void of injustice,
armed groups, theft, looting and violence, away from the threat of partition.
− Belief in public political action away from physical or moral violence.
− Belief in the freedom of all Libyans in the choice of their political, economic and social
system on which they agree out of their own free will, according to a National Charter
(Constitution) that all Libyans accept, respect and defend; in the context of the values of
democracy and human rights; on the basis of the Holy Quran, the source of legislation
in the society; and in emulation of the purified Sunnah of the Profit as a way of life.
− Rejection of all manifestations of hatred and rancor, moving forward to establish a
comprehensive national peace that surpasses the disaster of the dissention, restores the
nation, and rejects marginalization and exclusion. Such peace process should lay the
foundations for a comprehensive national dialogue among the components of the
Libyan people, leading to a comprehensive national reconciliation process whose
purpose is to redress the grievances of the oppressed in all stages, and to consolidate the
spirit of tolerance among the people of the same homeland.
− Pride in the Libyan national personality and consolidation of Libya’s Arab, Islamic and
African identity.
− Reinforcing the Arab Muslim belonging; cooperating fully with the Arab and African
peoples; and establishing Libya’s relations with the international community on the
basis of a fixed parity, mutual respect, and common interests.
− Confirming that the Holy Quran and the purified Sunnah are cressets of guidance and
illumination that lead the society in Libya towards goodness, development and stability;
and believing that Islam is a progressive religion, suitable for every time and place, a
religion of tolerance, love and dialogue on the basis of wisdom and meaningful
preaching. Rejecting, at the same time, the methods of atonement, extremism,
obscurantism, compulsion, dervishism, superstition, sorcery and use of religion as a
commodity because such practices are contrary to the principles of Islam, and guide the
homeland to the maze of hatred, terrorism and obscurantism.
− Lifting injustice off all Libyans either as individuals or groups by seeking to free all
detainees and political prisoners; to restore respect to the martyrs; to enable millions of
displaced and dislodged Libyans to return to their families and their properties, maintain
their security and that of their families, and stop harassing them; to suspend all
procedures and laws that infringe on the humanitarian and political rights of the
Libyans; to prohibit and criminalize all practices of media incitement for temptation,
hate and sowing malice in the hearts of people; and to return re-movable and
immovable properties to their respective owners.
− Working on regaining the pioneering Libyan role in maintaining international peace and
security; recovering the sovereign decision-making and territorial integrity of Libya; and
establishing a Libyan foreign policy based on the country’s security, its unity and
independence from all foreign influence, according to the principles of mutual respect.
− Resisting all aspects of corruption; defending the independence of the judiciary and its
respect; and ensuring commitment to adhere to the laws and regulations enacted by the
legitimate institutions of the people.
− Defending the cultural, civil and political rights of the marginalized and minorities;
refusing domination on the basis of tribal, cultural or regional affiliation; and making
citizenship the fundamental value in conduct, rights and duties in the homeland.
− Consolidating the grounds of a free civil society and activating its institutions through
the support of syndicates, associations and social, economic, scientific, literary, and
professional as well as labour unions. Such a society is to be developed from the inside
away from suspicious foreign agendas or those alienated from our Libyan Arab Islamic
− Respecting the laws and regulations that govern the peaceful political action in the host
countries of the Movement’s members and branches; operating within these countries
transparently in full cooperation with the local authorities for the sake of security and
stability; and being committed not to interfere in the internal affairs of these countries.
− Calling for the return and reinforcement of the national armed forces and the official
security agencies on professional and patriotic bases in order to shoulder their
responsibilities in preserving the interests of the people; ensuring their support and
keeping their doctrine in a way that ensures professionalism and loyalty to the people
and the nation.
− Respecting and being devoted to the rights and visions of youth and women and to their
role; and ensuring their effective participation in the construction of modern Libya.
− Protecting Libya’s natural wealth; preventing its monopolization by any region or class;
and working to invest the oil wealth in the service of the requirements of development
and justice.
Mechanisms of Action of LNPM:
The Movement seeks to serve its principles and achieve its objectives with effective
mechanisms including:
− Seeking to address the consequences of the Libyan tragedy by renouncing violence as a
means to achieve rights and realize demands.
− Seeking to start the healing process, overcome the personal and national pain, and
consolidate the meanings of Libyan fraternity and full citizenship as well as the quest for
a national dialogue among the components of the Libyan people, leading to a genuine
national reconciliation, based on tolerance and fairness, and based on two inextricably
linked grounds. The first is independent judiciary that is not subject to the force of arms,
the logic of winner and loser, and regional and revenge agendas, and secondly, is to
ensure freedom of Libyans to choose the political, economic and social system, which
they agree upon out of their own consent, without exclusion.
− Preparing the intellectual and democratic ground suitable for the continuation of a
comprehensive intellectual, cultural and artistic renaissance. Such renaissance should be
inspired by a genuine intellectual approach, and interacts with the needs of modern life,
and humanitarian achievements, in confirmation of Libya’s enlightening role, and its
contributions to civilization regionally and globally.
− Cooperating with all political, social and intellectual forces in the society that are
committed to serve the Libyan case, respecting the needs of the diverse social groups in
Libya, and be willing to discuss any honest national projects proposed by committed
national political institutions.
− Being keen on presenting its truth as a mass opposition movement that utilizes the
peaceful legal political struggle to achieve its objectives within the framework of
international conventions and to enable the Libyan people to determine their own
Stressing, at the same time, that it is not a substitute for any other initiatives
whose owners see their importance in dealing with the Libyan crisis.
The movement’s institutions seek to achieve this through the following means:
To put into effect the Comprehensive Dialogue Initiative Solution among the Libyan
people, organizing peaceful conscious popular mobilization campaigns at home and
abroad (demonstrations, conferences, seminars, sit-ins .etc.), and consolidating the active
groups of the community and its tribal, institutional and religious components without
marginalization or exclusion, benefiting from the social and cultural diversity of all the
To organize legal struggle through regional and international organizations as well as
international legal and societal institutions for the purpose of addressing grievances,
realizing rights, exposing malpractice; and removing the political, social and cultural
distortion and falsification taking place in Libya.
To establish research centres, launch television and radio stations and websites and issue
publications of all kinds, in order to facilitate constant communication with local and
international media to ensure influential dissemination of the Initiative both inside and
outside of Libya.
The Conference issued the following documents:
1 – The movement’s political document
2 – Statement of the establishment of the movement
3 – The rules of procedure of the movement.
4 – The movement’s membership charter of honours.
The Movement’s Organizational Structure is made up of:
1. The General Forum
2. The General Congress
3. The Executive Committee
4. Specialized committees
5. Offices
6. Braches in foreign countries
The Founding Conference chose a collective leadership to assume the functions of the
General Secretariat of General Congress, the Executive Committee, the specialized
committees of the movement among patriotic individuals known for their loyalty, honesty
and courage at home and abroad. The Conference adopted the style of teamwork and the
rotation approach in carrying out the administrative tasks of the General Secretariat and
the various committees in accordance with the standards of democracy. The Conference
entrusted to the Executive Committee of the movement the task of estimating when to
announce the names of the leaders of the movement according to the need, struggle and
security circumstances of each of them. These precautions were precipitated by the policy
of harassment, liquidation and terrorism practiced by the current regime in Libya against
the patriotic militants, their families and their kin in order to discourage them from their
struggle for the homeland.
Dear Libyans of all tribes, cities and villages, whatever are your
orientations, concerns and opinions, we face a crucial historic moment in
the march of our people and the future of our country and our future
generations. We call upon you all to stand for the homeland; to overcome
all differences in order to defend the sovereignty of Libya and the freedom
and dignity of its people; and to gain the honour of contributing to the
process of healing the wounds of our people, removing the effects of the
dissention and ushering in a new Libya. The new country that we envision
is a free country void of terrorism, oppression and injustice where tribes,
cities and villages coexist in an atmosphere of harmony and love;
independent, safe and nobody can interfere in its internal affairs and
whose enemies will not able to plunder its riches. The hour of action has
sounded. Let’s shake hands in order to bury forever the period of hatred
and discord and carry the shovels of construction to reconstruct Libya
with our hands and our pure hearts.
* Those interested may obtain a copy of the detailed decisions of the Conference,
which the Congress has given authorization to be published at this stage.
Allah is the source of success.
May peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you
The Media Committee of the Libyan National People’s Movement


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